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  • Secure

    Security, safety, and privacy are integral to Elster solutions from design through deployment.


  • Experienced

    Elster: working side-by-side with electricity, water and gas utilities worldwide for over 125 years.  


  • Reliable

    Field proven for consistent and accurate performance in the most challenging utility environments.


  • Efficient

    Elster solutions deliver operational efficiencies that help manage costs and improve customer service.


  • Flexible

    Distributed generation. Demand response. Distribution automation. Electricity, water and gas. Trust Elster to help solve all of your challenges.





About us

Elster provides best-in-class measurement and regulation products, systems and solutions for the safe control and delivery of natural gas accross the globe.

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Engineered for Life

Elster’s suite of electronic metering products deliver high levels of accuracy over a variety of installation conditions and applications. The meters are well suited for their respective high and low flows and most importantly, the meters' accuracy performance is sustained over the life of the meter. 

Better Together

Through listening and responding to our customers, we are able to deliver solutions that enable them to achieve their goals. Elster's electronic products work together to create: value-added, innovative, interoperable, correct solutions. 

Intelligent Community

Elster electronic products work together to create intelligent solutions. We are strategizing and collaborating to change utility norms. Elster offers the broadest product line for electronic water metering in the US.