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Honeywell Smart Energy provides best-in-class gas measurement and regulation products, systems and solutions for the safe control and delivery of natural gas across the globe.

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Elster American Meter and Perfection

End-To-End Gas Distribution, Regulation & Measurement Solutions
Honeywell Smart Energy American Meter and Perfection product lines supply you worldwide with metering solutions, smart meter systems, and a complete line of gas distribution products that allow installers make safe, fast, and easy connections from main to meter and tank to home.


Smart Energy Gas Vision


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Connected Utility

We go beyond the meter, delivering innovative end-to-end connected solutions that accurately measure, monitor and respond intelligently. We make operations and assets run more efficiently and safely.

Powerful Community

Through listening and responding to our customers, we are able to deliver solutions that enable them to achieve their goals.

Powerful Possibilities

Honeywell Smart Energy along with its partners and customers is re-shaping the way the world uses energy.