Gas Depot

Elster launched the industry’s first eCommerce site for purchasing Elster products, parts, and accessories online at

The Honeywell Gas Depot is the leading supplier of products, accessories, and parts supporting and complementing our existing Elster brands to energy distribution, transmission, commercial and industrial customers. The site provides access to an extensive inventory of products from Elster American Meter, other Elster businesses, as well as a wide assortment of accessory products for gas distribution, measurement and regulation to enhance installations and extend service life. OEM Parts from Honeywell Gas Depot provide the same fit, finish, structural integrity and corrosion resistance as the original Elster product. Our breadth and depth of products seamlessly integrate with Elster’s architecture and existing utility infrastructure.

Honeywell Gas Depot responds to the rapid changes and shifting demands of our customers’ energy systems, delivers products that insure long term performance and offers the convenience of online purchasing. We deliver orders quickly and provide superior customer service.

Reduce logistics costs and accelerate revenue streams - shop Honeywell Gas Depot for the parts you need fast.