The single and double path hot tap or spool piece meter have very high repeatability and accuracy due to the linear performance. The long path lengths, due to bouncing technology, gives the meter increased accuracy. The absence of moving parts makes the single path meter ideally suited for measurement of pulsating flow's over a large range, immune to particles and liquid residue.

Technical data  

Capacity:  20 - 210,000 m³/h (700 - 7,350,000 cfh) 
Diameters:  DN100 - DN1600, 4" - 64" 
Flow Conditioning: 10D upstream, 3D downstream straight length required 
Output:  Four pulse outs: 0 to 10,000 Hz;  Modbus or ASCII RS 232/485 
Pressure:  up to 450 bar (45 MPa) (6,530 psi) 
Turn-Down Ratio: typically: 1:100, depending on diameter 
Type: Spoolpiece meter body, Single or Dual path